Up for offer are Aldrovanda vesiculosa plants (~2" in size) emerging from dormant turions and actively growing, shipped in a wet napkin and sealed bag.
Please do some research before purchasing these plants, as they need specific care requirements.

Also known as the Waterwheel plant, Aldrovanda form tight wheels of bladders for catching aquatic insects similar to the way a flytrap captures its prey above water.  Perfect for controlling pesky mosquito problems in your home and garden!  These plants will go dormant during winter and form shortened "bulbs" called turions until warmer weather triggers growth again.

Aldrovanda/Utricularia Care Guide
Light: Full/Dappled sunlight 8-12 hours
Water: Peaty water, tan in color. If surface looks "mirrored" exchange half of tank with fresh water to clear up.
Container: large, shallow pond/tray

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Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Waterwheel)