Up for offer are 20 seeds, packaged securely in a padded envelope with tracking.
International orders may be mailed in a letter envelope as a low-cost shipping option.
Please do some research before purchasing these seeds, as they need specific care requirements.

General Seed Sowing Guide
- Light = 12+ hour
- Water = Reverse Osmosis/Distilled/Rain water only, tap water may kill your seed/plant.
- Media = Well draining media. 50/50 Peat moss/perlite or sand. 100% sphagnum moss works well. Do not use miracle gro products or products with added nutrients or fertilizers, it will kill your seed/plant. We recommend a thin top layer of pure peat/moss to avoid losing any seeds.
- Tip = Store in a cool, dry place

- We will NOT be liable for any loss or damage during delivery including weather (cold/heat damage).
- We will NOT be liable for any misplanting/mishandling of plants/seeds.
- We will replace/refund plants that arrive dead due to shipping stress, and NOT weather, carrier damage related, or user error.
- By placing your order, you agree to these terms and conditions.



Drosera paradoxa Type Form Seeds