We are offering 3 tablespoons of each fertilizer, shipped securely to avoid spillage; store in a cool, dry place.

Safe for Carnivorous Plants, Houseplants, Succulents, and more!  Always test on a single plant before using on collection, we are not responsible for mishandling of product.

We combine shipping, great as an add-on item for any plant order :D

Osmocote Plus (NPK 15-9-12): Outdoor and indoor smart release plant food.  Pellets feed up to 6 months; enough pellets included to last years for small/medium collections.
Dosage: 1-4 pellets per pot depending on size of plant and pot, use in moderation!

AK Disclaimer
- We will NOT be liable for any loss or damage during delivery including weather (cold/heat damage).
- We will NOT be liable for any misplanting/mishandling of plants/seeds.
- We will replace/refund plants that arrive dead due to shipping stress, and NOT weather, carrier damage related, or user error. If this happens please message us within 24 hours upon receiving your order.
- By placing your order, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Osmocote Plus Fertilizer