We are offering THREE plants (~1/2") shipped bare root.

Colors and shapes will vary slightly from pot to pot. Plants are chosen at random from a tray of No ID plants, we do not know the exact species of each plant.

Great way to control small insects (flies, fungus gnats, ants, spiders) in the house and garden. Tiny glands spread out across the leaves of these plants produce dew that acts like sticky paper to bugs while digesting them for nutrients lacking in the soil; both lethal and beautiful.

Please do some research before purchasing these plants, as they need specific care requirements.

AK Disclaimer
All sales are final.  Buyer accepts shipping risk, please consider your local weather conditions for plant delivery.

*If plant arrives dead, message us within 24 hours with a picture for assistance.

Set of 3 Small Butterworts - Pinguicula Community Pot