Up for offer is ONE plant (~1 inch) shipped in a 2 inch pot, as shown in pictures 2 and 3.  Picture 1 depicts our mother pot of Trigger Plants (not for sale).

Trigger plants are so named due to an interesting mechanism they have for pollinating their flowers: pollinator insects will step onto the flower triggering an arm-like appendage to fly up and gently strike them with pollen.  The insect will fly away to other flowers covered in pollen and repeat the cycle.  These plants are water-loving, easy to grow and form beautiful rosettes of long, teardrop leaves.  You can manually trigger flowers with a gentle touch and impress your friends :D

Please do some research before purchasing these plants, as they need specific care requirements.

General Trigger Plant Care
Light: 8+ hours full or partial sun / 12+ hours under grow lights
Water: distilled/rainwater using Tray Method: Sit plant pot in a tray with ~1 inch of water and replace when it evaporates
Media: 50/50 mix of sphagnum moss & perlite / peat moss & perlite. DO NOT use MiracleGro products, added nutrients will kill these plants.

Unpacking and acclimating plants
- Please give your plant some time to acclimate to its new home (several weeks), do not expose to direct full sun immediately, start plant in shade/dappled light and slowly expose to full sun over time, some plants do not require full sun and prefer dappled light.
- Some plants may need to be bagged and given high humidity due to shipping stress or being sent out bare root, in this case, please bag or dome the plants and slowly acclimate to lower levels over time.

AK Disclaimer
- We will NOT be liable for any loss or damage during delivery including weather (cold/heat damage).
- We will NOT be liable for any misplanting/mishandling of plants/seeds.
- We will replace/refund plants that arrive dead due to shipping stress, and NOT weather, carrier damage related, or user error. If this happens please message us within 24 hours upon receiving your order.
- By placing your order, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Stylidium debile (Trigger Plant)